Tennis Repetition and Recall

I’m not a fan of using repetition to practice when training players. I use repetition drills very rarely. Repetition drills are when a player has to hit many balls one after the other, either from a basket feed or with someone at the other end giving you the same ball.

Positive mind building tennis

It is a quality that is universally associated with peak performance in almost every sport and endeavor, a quality that every successful person in almost any field seems to have in abundance at their pinnacle moments and yet a quality, which can just as easily disappear from those very same people at other moments. It […]

Both open and closed stances have their advantages and disadvantages. When it’s best to hit an open stance ground stroke and why…

Here are 3 reasons the pros are different! # 1 Structure: They live highly structured lives both on and off the court. They have schedules and rituals built around their tennis and that structure is fiercely protected and consumes their day. The family support is essential. Mother, father or spouse, the whole family are involved.

Big Steps Tennis

“USE BIG STEPS, NOT LITTLE STEPS”. It’s a technique used by the top players to help with coordination, timing and balance as they move around the court to hit the ball.

Watch the ball

‘Watch the ball’ is a phrase commonly mouthed by teaching professionals during most tennis lessons and dutifully repeated by players the world over as they play in recreational or tournament matches. This can be as easily witnessed at such hallowed venues as Roland Garros and Wimbledon as well as at your local country club or […]

“THE ABILITY TO QUICKLY CHANGE YOUR AWARENESS AROUND TO FOCUS ON DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE GAME IS A KEY TO PLAYING WELL” You need the ability to shift your awareness around as you play. Each shot requires a slightly different focus, no stroke is the same. Here are some of the main areas you need […]

Slice backhand shot